'Alphabet' Twenty-Two Steps to Enlightenment

“Book of the Month” February 2020


Christine Brydon

'Alphabet' Twenty-Two Steps to Enlightenment‘Alphabet’ Twenty-Two Steps to Enlightenment – Inner Journey through the Sacred Phoenician Alphabet

Christine Brydon explains the cornerstone upon which many legends and stories have been based.

The Sacred Phoenician Alphabet is the foundation stone upon which many legends and stories have been based, including the ‘Story of Creation’ in Genesis, the ‘Mystical Kabbalah’, and the ‘True Art of Astrology’. While it is true that most people have some knowledge of these ancient traditions, the majority has no understanding of how they originated, or of the message they convey to humankind. According to Christine Brydon, this is because since their original conception, the context of these stories has been altered to reflect the philosophies and lifestyle of successive generations. The author explains that the original symbols of the Sacred Phoenician Alphabet have most likely been devised by a tribe of Canaanites around 2000 B.C., who later became known as the Phoenicians.

According to the insightful book “‘Alphabet’ Twenty-Two Steps to Enlightenment” by Christine Brydon, the Sacred Phoenician Symbols were later adapted into letters to record the Hebrew ‘Story of Creation’, ‘Kabbalah’ and ‘Astrology’ in written form; possibly first in the ‘Sefer Yetzirah’ (Book of Creation) and later in the Bible, to show us the ‘Way to our Salvation’. However, the Phoenicians maintained that we do not need ‘saving’, only to change our present life story. Thanks to this book, readers will gain a new and better understanding of some ancient legends, while also learning more about the meaning of life.

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