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Alexander Weir

Alexander Weir lives in a small community on the West Coast of Scotland. The children come to him each afternoon for 'Story Time' and thoroughly enjoy hearing all about the escapades of Archie and the Enchanter. He has serialised both books and these have been broadcasted over the local radio station covering Argyll and Ulster. In addition, he has introduced the books to children in Canada and Ireland - and received an enthusiastic response. Alexander is also the Editor of a quarterly literary magazine.


First of a 4 book series released in February 2019.

The books has already been serialised and read twice over the radio and screen adaptation is being explored.

It is about a young Scottish lad, Archie who finds an ancient set of bagpipes.The old instrument does amazingly strange magic - well, it isn't the bagpipes themselves but the chanter that is magical. It seems to be ageless and pre-dates even the most ancient of Scottish history. It turns everything upside down ... or perhaps even the right way up.

This is a story about the rugged and beautiful West Coast of Scotland.

The second book in the series, 'Archie and the Dark Door Mystery' was released in May 2019. Download