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Andrée Roby

After spending over 35 years in South London, Andrée Roby, originally from France, now lives in West Sussex.
As a language teacher, she loves languages and the written word and has published flash fiction, poems and articles.
Being an avid reader of many masters of thriller/crime novels, she was inspired to write her own murder story, thus fulfilling a long-standing dream. "Double Vision" is her first novella to be published.
She is currently working on the translation of "Double Vision" into French and on a collection of short stories.



A "who dunnit" with a distinct diffference...

„This book is a real "page-turner".“
An unusual insight into the human psyche and its motivating influences.
This book is a real "page-turner", plot within plot, and a surprise on every page... and it's not too long to read in one go.

A great read

„ I started reading and quickly became engrossed...“
Just to say I finished your book in one sitting. I started reading and quickly became engrossed. I did put it down at one point only to pick it up 5 mins later. Some clever twists and turns. A great read. Thank you.