An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

How to start, be smart and end your career in MI6

Andrew Gilbrook
Biographies & Memoirs

The United Kingdom. A story based on real events.
Few people are deemed smart enough to be selected and trained as a spy for Her Majesty’s Government, fewer qualify. The Author is one such man, who uniquely, was chosen at the age of 16, the only person still to pass selection without an education through the university system.
Andy describes his unbelievable life, from the beginning, as a child, playing in the woods and fields around his home in Maple Cross, Hertfordshire, learning the skills he had no idea he would need in his future spy world, tracking, moving silently and invisibly, undetected.
His career ended, leaving him suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, after facing interrogation, torture and being stood in front of a firing squad in war-torn Angola, he escaped by stealing a small aircraft piloting, alone and injured, 700 miles to safety with only 4 hours unqualified flying experience. He faced the rest of his life knowing a dark secret had to be kept from everyone he knew.
Only in 2012, when he was informed his ex-MI6 secretary had died from cancer, close to breaking down mentally, did he finally decide to reveal his secret life to his friends and family to release the buried secrets from his struggling sanity. A risky choice, one he did not take lightly, but he knew deep inside it was the only way forward for his peace of mind.
Carefully written to avoid revealing any government secrets, this is his personal story, thrilling, surprising and an eye-opener into the life of, An Ordinary Guy, who truly was, An Unknown Spy.



An uncomplicated read


Held me from the start



My first interview

My first interview by a podcaster Români în UK & UE Podcast. We talked for 2 hours, but he managed to edit it down to 56 minutes. I enjoyed telling my true story.

An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

I'm so pleased that my book has been chosen as October 2019 Tredition publishers book of the month. As an uneducated writer I am flabbergasted that my humble words have achieved this honour.
I hope some visitors to this page will be inspired to purchase a copy and give their honest review.
I have had countless comments from those that have read the book, I never expected such positive feedback.
Thank you everyone.