An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify

Andrew Gilbrook
Biographies & Memoirs

The United Kingdom, Spain, Chile. A story based on real events.
Few people are thought smart enough to be selected and trained as a spy for Her Majesty’s Government, fewer qualify. The Author is one such man, who uniquely, was chosen at the age of 16, still the only person to pass selection without an education through the university system and one so young.

In this, Andy’s second book, he describes one short operation that could have stopped the Falklands War with Argentina. SAS were in position, only the final go-ahead was needed from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She chose to fight the war. Perhaps if the PM had decided to give Operation Saponify a chance, 907 soldier’s lives would have been saved.
The operation was born from a personal project over many years to find escaped WWII Nazis, using highly classified documents, only available to those inside the service and information supplied by the CIA. Would he find the top Nazi? If he did, history would have to be rewritten. One Nazi Andy did find was murdered by a little known group in France “The Avengers” after Andy deliberately passed them information. This Nazi’s subsequent murder proved the existence of a mole inside MI6, London.

In 2012, he was informed Karen had died from cancer, did he finally decide to reveal his secret life to his


Another fascinating real story from this author


Both Andrew’s books have held my attention from beginning to end. I hope there will be another, I can’t wait.



My second book achieves Tredition "Book of the Month"

My second book has made Tredition Publisher's "Book of the Month". This is the two out of two after my first book also made the grade.

New book launched. The second book by ex-MI6 Officer Andrew Gilbrook

After the success of his first book, Andy was convinced by readers to tell more stories of his time in the British Intelligence Service. This new story will change history as we have been told.
After being asked by a friend to find out what a secret file was all about, it led Andy on a trail that unfolded an unbelievable history changing adventure. An adventure that could have stopped the Falkland War, but as we know that didn't happen. Read this incredible, funny, sexy book on further amazing true stories by this man that has so many incredible stories to tell.