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Angie Barnes

Angie Barnes was an ultra-fit, independent woman juggling many jobs, walking the dog and swimming 100 lengths every day.
Suddenly all of this was cruelly taken away from her as she found herself struggling with an auto immune disease. She became crippled, totally dependent on others and seriously debating suicide.
This is her story of going from a dark lonely place of desperation, exhaustion and excruciating pain to not only living an independent life but actually enjoying a wonderfully new joyous life far beyond her imagination.
She hopes by writing this memoir she will inspire anybody who finds themselves in a dire situation for whatever reason to go courageously forward one step at a time believing that light ALWAYS follows darkess.
Through all the lessons she has learned she now runs positivity life coaching courses with her husband Max Barnes. He also has learned to live a positive and balanced life despite living with Bipolar 2.They live happily together and now their mission is to help and inspire other people to live to their full potential, positive and happy in their everyday lives.


Why I couldn't get out of bed for four years

„Angie who is now a Life Coach and Author hopes that by sharing her story she will help others going through traumatic times.“
The Daily Express contacted me as they were interested in my story. They interviewed me and published an article in The Daily Express which also led to me being on a few BBC Radio shows.
Source: The Daily Express