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Anna Katharina Lahs

Anna Katharina Lahs was born in Pottum, a small town
in the Westerwald region of Germany, in 1960. She has
endured a fair number of health problems throughout
her life. Her childhood was filled with various treatments, such as long term stays at clinics. She has even survived four near-death experiences. After having lived through the fourth experience, she announced her will to live to the world and the reason for her existence on this planet.
Firstly, to have a healthy body and secondly, to help others.
That is how she was able to heal herself little by little.

It was actually her life that led her to educating herself
in healing. Mrs. Lahs has been living in good health for
13 years now. Since July 2004, she has been running a small practice in Pottum from which she works both locally and globally (www.akl-westerwald.de). Anna Katharina Lahs has studied in many fields and continues to expand her knowledge and range of skills. She has many teachers, one of which being Kurt Tepperwein, who suggested she open and run a Life School in July 2010. In August 2010 she made this a reality (www.lebensschule-westerwald.de).