I find myself – AND HEALING BEGINS

by Anna Katharina Lahs

Anna Katharina Lahs
Health, Family, Self-Help

The aim of this book is to bring readers back to their true size and to use these qualities in the HERE and NOW. This has effective results on one’s own life and the lives of those with which one comes into contact. The contents of this book serve to activate the pleasant side of life.
If you’ve had enough of the unpleasant side of life, this book is the perfect motivation to optimize your own quality of life. We are all on the path to our own healing – returning to OURSELVES. Back to our TRUE NATURE: to PURE POTENTIAL, to PURE ENERGY – to STRENGTH, which contains everything and carries everything in it: to unconditional LOVE.

This strength is our entire essence. It is completely independent of religion, nationality, skin colour or social class. This OMNI-LOVE is found in every stone, in every plant, in every animal, in every human being, in all waters, in the air, in the soil, in every galaxy and in every unvierse.
It is the “glue“ that binds us all and contains everything.