Nothing Matches - But It’s Home

Book 4 of the series "Scenes From An Examined Life

Anthony J. M. Brady
Biographies & Memoirs

Here, in the fourth book of the series “Scenes From An Examined Life”, the author describes and recalls how he is delegated to deal with the requests of help by homeless people. While acting as door porter at the priory in a poor neighbourhood, his deep knowledge of homeless sub-culture opens a door that leads to a lifetime career. Four years’ work as a government benefits officer is followed by an initiative to revive and save London’s oldest free night shelter. In working with London’s street homeless, the author encounters controversy on the questions charity poses: vis-à-vis demands for social justice and the need for new practical solutions on age old problems. Does charity reinforce dependence? All aspects of giving, such as money handouts, a bed for the night, soup runs, sandwich queues, begging, temporary shelters. This book challenges opinions that imply forms of charity that arguably bless they who give – not those who take. Is it all ultimately, tasks unfinished – dreams denied?