The Adventures of Pepi & Bob

Adventure One: Pepi rescues Bob from the Museum

Anthony T. Morse
From 8 years

The year is 1919. Pepi the poodle is always looking for adventures. It's better than staying at home playing dress-up with his owner, Lady T-at-5. Pepi wants to follow in the footsteps of his master, Lord T-at-5, travelling around the world.

When Pepi finally gets his chance to travel, he discovers a whole new world of sausages and talking statues. Come join Pepi on his first adventure.

An entertaining children's story that sees Pepi the poodle set off on a mission to try and rescue the mysterious Bob. Discovering a message in a bottle makes Pepi decide to try to find Bob. Meeting new friends along the way helps Pepi in his quest.

When Pepi finally finds Bob, the adventure takes an amazing turn.