Talking with Trees

The Art of the Druids clearly explained

Ben Lindemann
Religion & Spirituality, Education & Reference, Leisure, Home & Garden, Health, Family, Self-Help

In our swift-paced times, trees are places of repose and inspiration for many people. In the past, talking and listening to trees was an art reserved to the few, who preserved the knowledge and passed it on from generation to generation. You too can follow the path of the ancients, and immerse yourself in the realm of the trees. Irrespective of faith, world view or religion, this book describes in simple terms how you can get on the same wavelength with a tree, make contact with it and so draw on valuable counsel from the infinite wisdom that trees embody. The first part explains that this has nothing to do with esoteric hocus-pocus or empty imagination, as well as telling you how to deal with troublemakers and other obstacles. Obviously an oak is going to give you different impressions from a cypress. Therefore, in the second part of the book we describe in detail over sixty of our native trees, with their characteristics, the text being accompanied by colour illustrations. Let yourself be convinced, and join us on a journey into the kingdom of the trees!