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Bruce Thomas Donaldson

Bruce Thomas Donaldson was born in Edinburgh on the 1st of September 1951. He graduated from the University of Stirling with a BA Honours in Sociology, and worked as a Social Worker in the city of Greenock.
In 1978, he moved to Germany, after falling in love with a young German woman. Initially he taught English in an Adult Education Center in the north of Germany, before he and his wife moved to the city of her birth - Mannheim, where they still live today.
From 1980 until 2010, he worked as a social worker for the United States Army in Mannheim, under the title of Family Member Action Officer. He retired in 2011.
He began writing short stories when he was at secondary school. He wrote his first novel, while attending University, and indeed still has a copy of it. He did not submit it to a publisher, but intends to review/rewrite it this summer, taking literally a 40 year trip back in time. In addition to An Abundance of Sundays, Mr. Donaldson has also completed a childrens book called A Cat called Sunday Morning, which will be published in both English and German this year.