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Christine Brydon

Christine Brydon has a BSc. Hons. Degree in Health and Human Sciences, and an M.A. Degree from the University of Durham, UK, based on the Anthropology of Counselling Practices, and the Performance of Healing Ceremonies from around the world. Christine was also involved in teaching undergraduate students the social impact of western medical practices on today’s multi-cultural society, and has worked closely in the community with medical practitioners who were involved in the treatment of patients experiencing chronic pain.

However, more recently Christine has been drawn toward the origins of the mysterious symbols of the Sacred Phoenician Alphabet, and the spiritual and therapeutic benefits which were bestowed upon the people who discovered the magical significance of the first phonetic alphabet, over 4000 years ago.

The insight needed to appreciate the meaning of the Sacred Phoenician Symbols and Letters in modern terms has developed over a period of fifty years while studying numerous spiritual philosophies and teaching holistic healing techniques, along with the ancient principles of the Western Mystery Tradition both in the UK and Internationally. And after dedicating much of her life in search of solutions to alleviate the suffering of people who experience ‘Pain’ in various forms, Christine realised that the now almost forgotten Ancient Wisdom provides the answer to this age old dilemma, which reveals it is a matter of ‘Healer, First Heal Thy Self!’