The Almighty Word Within

Christine Brydon
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Phoenician Guide to the Process of Self-Creation

Almost everyone in the western world is familiar with the 'Alphabet', although not many people are aware of its origins and purpose for which it was 'created'. The modern Alphabet, which we use to form words and write stories, is an adaptation of the Sacred Phoenician Alphabet, believed to have been conceived within the womb of the androgynous Goddess of Creation, before Life on earth began.

This first phonetic Alphabet is now assumed to have been invented by the Phoenicians over 4000 years ago as a guide to the ‘Process of Self-Creation’ which takes us on an Inner Journey into our Heart where we discover the Miraculous Essence of each Symbol and Letter of the Sacred Alphabet is already within us.

The Manual provides an insight into the Magical Universe of the ancient Canaanites, the ancestors of the Phoenicians who had lived and fished along the Lebanese coast since around 7000B.C. However upon discovering the incredible 'Truth’ concealed within the Symbols of the Sacred Alphabet they were able to turn any apparent adversity to their advantage, and so they became known as the ‘Phoenicians’, resembling the Legendary Phoenix arising from the ashes of a fire.

The original meaning of the Sacred Symbols is explained in the Manual using Poetry, Coloured Illustrations, and Words that when Spoken induce the Sensation of Passion within our Heart, Soul and Body; which to the Phoenicians is the 'Path to Enlightenment'. And once we are aware of the Pure Magical Light of the Self-Reproducing Goddess within our self our misconceptions and deluded perception of 'Reality’ is changed forever.

The information in the Manual concerning the significance of the Symbols and Letters of the Sacred Phoenician Alphabet is the author's own interpretation, which is based on over fifty years of research and teaching Holistic Healing Methods and Spiritual Traditions in the UK and Internationally.