"Angels Love" von Christine Snowdon

Angels Love

Angels and Spirit are Helping us with Truth and Guidance

Christine Snowdon
Religion & Spirituality

Christine Snowdon is an author, a columnist with Magna Intuitum, a Spiritual Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, a Clairaudient Channeller, and a Clairsentient and Clairvoyant communicator. She has worked for Russell Grant’s team of psychics. Her photos of real angels in the sky have been published by the Daily Mail and Sun national newspapers, Croydon Advertiser, MU Magazine Japan and Magna Intuitum.

In her new book 'Angels Love' she describes how Colin Fry, Britain’s leading psychic medium died of lung cancer and shortly after joined Christine as her spirit guide to connect with others to help them find forgiveness and new found joy in their own lives. Christine shares some heartbreaking stories, including George Michael who pops into the pages of this book claiming he is lucky to already know Colin Fry in spirit and stilll writing new songs to share with the world, even though he died on Christmas Day 2016!

“It’s never too late” says Christine to contact loved ones and you will not have to look very far to find evidence of spirit life as in the pages of ‘Angels Love’ where she states there are true stories of people from all walks of life who share their incredible experiences. Why did Albert aged 18, return from the spirit world to connect with Christine after he died during the infamous sinking of the ‘HMS Hood’ which was Britain’s biggest battle cruiser at the time it was sunk, by the Bizmarck in 1941. Why did Tara always fear her father who died in 2015 and couldn’t find the love that was missing. What stopped Peter believing in spirit even though his dead mother had been a spiritual medium all her life. Following these stories are incredible messages from God, Archangel Michael and White Eagle who she says speak with her to channel their guidance for the benefit of all mankind.