"DICKHEAD DAVE" - Autor bei Tredition.de


This is Dickhead Dave's first ever book. Inspired by true events when his wife kicked him out for being useless, this is a recipe book like no other – a cookbook for stoners who can't cook! Egg on toast, boiled egg 'n' soldiers, a bacon sandwich – these are just a few of the wonderful dishes Dave will show you how to create. But this is so much more than just a mere cookery book. It's also a self-help guide to being on your own when you don't have a clue. There are multiple tips on 'Where to stay when you get kicked out', 'How to survive without getting a job', 'Keeping your stash topped up', and even a section on 'What to do if your biscuit falls in your tea'. And, as if that wasn't enough, Dave also describes in detail the events that led to his departure from the marital home in Watford, his move to Brighton, his first few weeks of freedom, and his eventual and inevitable heartbreaking demise at the hands of his ex-wife Delores. All told through the hazy, drug-filled eyes of a pot-head who refuses to work and is permanently zonked. You will find his experience and insight invaluable, his words of wisdom informative and thought-provoking. And literary buffs get ready – because Dave is now working on his second book! Based on the true story of his grandad, Henry 'Bad Boy' Hutchins, this one will be a novel entitled 'Out To Lunch'. So critics and cynics beware – Dickhead Dave shall return!