With the 8th Rifle Brigade from Normandy to the Baltic

June 1944 - May 1945

Don Gillate
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Don Gillate landed on the beaches of Normandy on 13 June 1944. From then on until 8 May 1945 he saw almost continuous action. Don was one out of only three in his platoon of over 40 men to remain with the platoon right to the end without getting killed or seriously injured.

As a member of 13 ‘Scout’ Platoon, 8th Rifle Brigade, part of the famous 11th Armoured Division, Don Gillate took part in major operations in Normandy (Epsom, Goodwood and Bluecoat) and in the liberation of Amiens and Antwerp, the watch on the river Maas, the Battle of the Bulge and in the final advance through Germany.

Don recorded his experiences in the early 1990s with vivid and personal descriptions of events including bearing witness to the loss of some 30 of his friends and comrades.

In this book Don Gillate’s story is illustrated by well over 100 photos and contemporary maps. Both the text and many of the photos used have not been published before.