"Hanadi A. Luethi" - Autor bei Tredition.de

Hanadi A. Luethi

If I am to tell about myself I will do it in just few simple words; I am a daughter and a sister, I am a mother and a wife, I am a woman and above all a human. That later one is what matters for me the most… Humanity.
In my writings, between the lines and through the paragraphs I invite to experience some dilemmas in life to be seen with a larger view and diverse perspectives. It is interesting to expose a hidden reality beyond a camouflage or switch the seats to live someone else´s life with all what it may hold. In my novels some may find themselves blaming their favourite protagonist or sympathising with the villain, they may discover the good beyond the evil or the challenge that accompanies the good. When we provoke our minds to feel and stimulate our hearts to think we may start to view certain aspects totally differently. Away from sophistication and complicated philosophies we expose reality with a dose of humour so it is pleasant and easy to comprehend even when we don´t agree on everything.
After all, We all are different, we all have to be different, this is the essence of our existence… The essence of humanity.