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Keiron Higgins

Keiron Lee Higgins, a mixed-race Halifax denizen started his journey into spoken word territories in 2013. Disillusioned in his late 20s with spending nights lugging heavy bags of Vinyl and CDs before becoming intoxicated to play to audiences in local bars as part of a Leeds based Soul and Reggae collective, a new career was needed in-between juggling his actual job throughout the week. Already in the early 2000s doing a handful of creative outputs such as public performing for a project based in the Square Chapel theatre and hosting an eclectic radio show for a community radio show, he decided the art of spoken word and poetry would be the way forward. the idea would come to fruition after being inspired by a newly formed Halifax spoken word night and seeing close-knit poetry associate Cayn White perform his style of no holds barred poetry across the stage the years.

Although having a diverse music taste ranging to 60’s Jamaican Ska to early 90s Hip Hop, he started honing his ability from taking keynotes from such popular names in the scene such as John Cooper Clarke (the northern poet’s best friend when writing about similar things in a fashion) and US-based poet/writer Charles Bukowski, it wasn’t long after a set of appearances at open mic nights and spoken word nights he was supporting bands, building notoriety writing comical poems about arson and his love of vinyl records. By 2014-16, he had appeared on Rebellion Punk festival’s spoken word stage and were becoming more comfortable in the role of being a writer, social commentator and cementing his status as a “Punk Poet”.

With the maturity of writing becoming more apparent while on stage (“I wanted to remove all the workmanlike and the ruder stuff from my sets” exclaims Keiron) In 2017 he bought out his magnum-opus The Punk With A Northern Soul which captured his performance poetry at its best, with poems of the love of music subcultures, family, life in Halifax and adoration of records. This collection became a hit across Halifax, playing headlining stage at The Halifax Festival Of Words, cementing his status as a well-known face across the town and met with critical acclaim alike.



Poetry's Not F**king Boring for Bradford Fringe Festival

Start: 26/07/2020, 19:30 o'clock
Location: Online  
This year with a livestream featuring a variety of poets including Bradford's very own Nick Toczek as well as Janine Booth, Alex Asher, Keiron Higgins, Bernie the Bolt and a whole lot of others too many to fit in this blurb. We hope to entertain you with rhymes, rants and underground poetry during these strange and rather difficult times




Artex Walls and a Union Jack flag

My new blog for my poetry/gigs/music reviews is now available to visit.

Inter arts Biography/ Selected poetry

I was interviewed lately for the work i am doing for the Inter-Arts Festival. I talk about my early life and there is some pieces i have written for the event.



Goodreads review

„A brilliant collection of poems full of nostalgia for family, the local area and a reflection on the simpler times. “
A brilliant collection of poems full of nostalgia for family, the local area and a reflection on the simpler times. Executed with a plenty of humour. I shall look forward to seeking out one of Keiron's performances very soon.
Source: Goodreads.com



Act Wisely (Nolan Principles of Public Life in Halifax)

From my upcoming book "Halifornia Uber Alles" this a shortened version of my poem about Halifax where i live. I was commissioned by the council in 2019 to write about the service the business Halifax give,with a little history thrown in.

Book slated for release in 2021.

Confessions of a vinyl addict, parts 1 & 2

Punk Poetry about the joy of records.