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Keiron Higgins

Keiron Higgins is a Poet (and self-proclaimed "Punk With a Northern Soul") from Halifax, West Yorkshire.
Coming from a creative background which over the years has seen him in his hometown of Halifax be a former DJ, music producer, and radio presenter, Keiron started doing spoken word as a secondary outlet to music production after seeing the likes of a close friend and fellow punk poet Cayn White over the years and being spurred on by attending his ever first spoken word night in 2013.

His poems usually told at a rapid pace (previously known as been "Halifax's Lyrical Machine Gun" and "A Modern Day Punk Shakespeare") contains themes of his brand Northern gritty tales of his love of his ever-growing vinyl collection, outlooks that have shaped his life and satirical swipes of current world events.

During his 4-5 years of performing his prolific CV has seen him share the stage with the likes of Nick Toczek, Henry Normal, Attila The Stockbroker, Jeffrey Lewis and Steve Ignorant. He is a regular at open mic nights across Halifax is often welcomed with praise and respect from his peers and headlining acts.

With popularity growing and encouragement from friends and family in 2017, he published his first collection "Rebel Without A Prose: The Writings Of A Working Class Fake". (now out of print)

In 2018 his sophomore title "Punk With A Northern Soul" was released to critical acclaim and hopes to follow up with the new title "Halifornia Über Alles" in 2021

"Keiron's poetry is as sharp as his dress sense. Staccato rhythms that penetrate and empower. Pure punk" -Toria Garbutt

"Northern chat - Keiron Higgins says it like it is. Halifax born and bred. Always smartly dressed, with attention to detail, he observes the crowd. His love for vinyl is close to his heart. And his passion for words is his daily reward."- Fiona Love

"While his words truly come to life when you see him in person, they do not lose their charm and message when written down and read. "- Crossroads Today

"You do your town proud"- John Hegley

"A joy to listen to. Rapid-fire, punk-flavored vitriol, with a heart of Halifax gold."- Katy Taylor

"One of the best of the new writer-performers was (and is) Keiron Lee Higgins who can effortlessly hold a whole room under his spell without even raising his voice. His words are magic and touch the universal. His voice is without pose or pretension. He is a raw and genuine talent. Total respect"- Nick Toczek


Poetry's Not F**king Boring for Bradford Fringe Festival

Start: 26/07/2020, 19:30 o'clock
Location: Online  
This year with a livestream featuring a variety of poets including Bradford's very own Nick Toczek as well as Janine Booth, Alex Asher, Keiron Higgins, Bernie the Bolt and a whole lot of others too many to fit in this blurb. We hope to entertain you with rhymes, rants and underground poetry during these strange and rather difficult times




Inter arts Biography/ Selected poetry

I was interviewed lately for the work i am doing for the Inter-Arts Festival. I talk about my early life and there is some pieces i have written for the event.



Goodreads review

„A brilliant collection of poems full of nostalgia for family, the local area and a reflection on the simpler times. “
A brilliant collection of poems full of nostalgia for family, the local area and a reflection on the simpler times. Executed with a plenty of humour. I shall look forward to seeking out one of Keiron's performances very soon.
Source: Goodreads.com



Act Wisely (Nolan Principles of Public Life in Halifax)

From my upcoming book "Halifornia Uber Alles" this a shortened version of my poem about Halifax where i live. I was commissioned by the council in 2019 to write about the service the business Halifax give,with a little history thrown in.

Book slated for release in 2021.

Confessions of a vinyl addict, parts 1 & 2

Punk Poetry about the joy of records.