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Keiron Higgins

Keiron Higgins is a Punk Poet (and self proclaimed "Punk With a Northern Soul") from the aisle of Halifax, West Yorkshire.
Coming from a creative background which over the years has seen him in his hometown of Halifax be a former DJ, music producer and radio presenter, Keiron started doing spoken word as a secondary outlet to music production in 2013 after seeing the likes of close friend and fellow punk poet Cayn White over the years, and being spurned on by attending Genevieve Walsh's first spoken word night.

His poems usually told at a rapid pace (quoted by the Firm Of Poets as been as "Halifax's Lyrical Machine Gun)" usually contain themes about the love of his ever growing vinyl collection, outlooks of life and general humorous outlooks of current world events.

During in his 3 years of performing his prolific CV has seen him be a supporting poet for acts for the likes of Attila The Stockbroker and ex. Crass member Steve Ignorant. He is a regular at open mic nights in Sowerby bridge is often welcomed with praise and respect from his peers and headlining acts.

With popularity growing and encouragement from friends and family in 2017 he published his first collection "Rebel Without A Prose: The Writings Of A Working Class Fake.


Rebel Without a Prose

„In his new book “Rebel Without A Prose”, Keiron Higgins takes a lighthearted and sometimes comical outlook on everyday life.“
Source: Connecticut Chronicle