Tails of Shepherds

Ken Robson
Biographies & Memoirs

This is a story of a growing relationship between humans and dogs, that is, my wife Jo, and me, and our pack of rescue German Shepherds, which at the time of writing has numbered ten over six years. This is a story of discovery, commitment, joy and sadness all bound together with a very special kind of love. It has proved a steep learning curve, and there is still such a long way to go as I find myself becoming totally immersed in the amazing character of the majestic, noble, intelligent and often totally daft German Shepherd Dog (GSD).


Tales of Shepherds


A superb book – it arrived this morning and I Can’t put the book down. It is so well written and the stories about the German Shepherds are so sensitive and well described.
Laughter and tears will come as you read this book.
I’m a member of German Shepherd Rescue group as well and the way that Ken tells his tales are exactly what happens in our rescue.
I 100% recommend this book



Tails of Shepherds

Mr R O R Evans on 15 July 2017

A surprisingly moving book. I've never had a dog, but this book made me realise why people love them so much. It lays out all the hardwork and dedication required to really make your dogs the center of your life, and follows the story all the way through, from the rewarding highs of companionship to the tragic lows of loss. I'd highly recommend it for any dog lover.

Tails of Shepherds

By ZOE R SMITH on 8 July 2017

I really enjoyed reading Tails of Shepherds, very compelling reading, and I definitely did not cry whilst reading, I simply had something in my eye. Excellent book, would highly recommend.

Tails of Shepherds

By matthew g thurman on 29 May 2017

Really helped change my views on taking on rescue dogs. I'd had a few prejudices about getting a dog from shelters and this has totally turned me around.

Tails of Shepherds

By Mr M Watts on 29 May 2017

An inspiring read! Thinking about rescuing a dog.