New Mankind

Natalia de Lemeny Makedonova
Religion & Spirituality

The book “Eternal Laws – New Mankind” provides information about the origin of the spirit of man and the meaning of his life on Earth. We are part of the great changes that are not happening by accident but by the lawful course of events geared towards the collapse of all that is wrong. Recognizing the unfortunate consequences of our present life and experiencing them ourselves opens up for us the path to a new life, based on the adoption of immutable universal laws. This is happening for the welfare of the new mankind which is brought back to its own heart – to the spirit and at the same time to the desire to fulfil the true meaning of life on Earth.

The book with its simple and logical construction, provides a compact picture of Universe and humanity. It familiarizes the perceptive reader with eternal laws, working evenly and unwaveringly throughout Creation, with the principal power penetrating the Universe, with the composition of the material and immaterial worlds as well and above all with the highest source itself, from which all life springs. Thanks to the discovery and naming of negative influences that lead a humanity down the wrong path, the book will lead the reader to freedom from their misguided opinions and pointless suffering. Last but not least, it will lead the reader to the main source of knowledge, from which the author herself drew. This source remains unknown and misunderstood to contemporary people fully absorbed by earthly cares. The role of the author was to make it accessible to us in a new, easier form.

The original book trilogy “Eternal Laws“ was written in 1997–98. After its completion, the author suddenly left the world at the end of the year 1998.

The books met with great interest of readers and have been translated into several languages. Thanks to their timelessness, they are still up to date. The English version of the first episode of book trilogy called Eternal Laws 1 – New Mankind is now available to you.