The Magic Buckle

A sexual awakening

Reg Cox
Erotic Fiction

An ordinary, quiet young lad doing an ordinary job gets involved with some extraordinary predatory females who immediately like his looks, sound AND taste, so they put him on the menu, à la carte.

In 1967, centenary celebration were being held across Canada to mark the one hundred years of its existence. The World Fair in Montreal called Expo ’67 was in full swing and people were coming in from all over the World. Travelling up from Alabama, in the deep South of the USA, an award winning choir of teenage girls were travelling to Montreal to take part in a series of concerts for the Canadian Prime Minister.
Their journey is long and boring, involving several changes, one of which was at Toronto for the last leg to Montreal, which is usually about a five hour run. Late news arrived about a forest fire that had damaged some bridges in Ontario and plans were hastily made to divert the train on a roundabout route running back across the border into the USA and finally getting to Montreal at 8am the next morning.
An additional twenty hours.

The choir consisted of one hundred and twenty teenage girls. The British ‘sound’ had captivated all America and the girls were besotted with British music, especially THE BEATLES. Consequently, to actually meet a boy from England would be something to brag about back home. Even better, to snog a boy from Britain would be amazing and give a person celebrity status back in Alabama. To actually shag one would be awesome.

Living in Toronto, in different parts of the city, two immigrant London cockney lads employed by Canadian National Railways as dining-car waiters were due to join the train. One had been warned about the changes, the other was expecting to go on the usual five hour run to Montreal and be back in Toronto the same evening.

This tale of Creole meeting Cockney results in a twenty-four hour period of concentrated sexual activity that turns one naive young man into an enlightened wreck.