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Steve Doku

Steve L. Doku is someone who wants the full meaning of life. So from childhood he has longed to have these keys he discovered latter on in his adult life so that from scratch, as was his aim, he can lead a holy life so that in his thirties, at Jesus’ age that He begun His ministry, he would be established in the Lord and in godliness; but unfortunately he would have to risk the pleasures and the deceitful life of this world and the powers of darkness that nearly killed him to end him up in Hades/Hell if not for God's grace and intervention as no one helped him unfortunately. It is for this reason he writes and shares this message and also even as the Lord Jesus Christ encountered him and gave him a message to share with all so that just as he almost lost his blessings that God had given him and almost ended his life by he becoming callous and moving from trouble to deeper trouble, others might benefit from his experience and rectify their lives as soon as possible. This booklet is also designed by him to help Christians evangelize or as an aid to help other Christians evangelize.