"Susannah Fried-Preiss" - Autor bei Tredition.de

Susannah Fried-Preiss

Susannah Fried-Preiss though born in former Czechoslovakia, has lived most of her life in the UK. In her youth, she studied linguistics, and her knowledge of six European languages in a way predetermined her future career. She spent a great part of her professional life traveling through Europe as a journalist and a correspondent for the American and British foreign broadcasting radio stations.
Susannah has always been a keen student of modern history and politics and in the course of her extensive professional and private travels she gained a deep insight into the nature of human condition.
Her poems, spanning over half a century are in a way, a sublimation of all those puzzles and dilemmas she has faced in the course of her life.
She lives now mostly in Wales whose wonderful nature provides the ideal respite and tranquility she craves when returning from her cosmopolitan wanderings which remain as she says, her fate till the end...