"Suzana Leben" - Autor bei Tredition.de

Suzana Leben

Suzana Leben has been facilitating business transformation in different roles. She has a track record of successfully leading huge optimization, growth and M&A projects and also managing holistically strategy definition and execution – i.e. business transformation programs.
Her background includes banking, payment systems, telecommunication, automotive, tourism.
She focuses on hands-on implementation of digital (business) strategies, by delivering the best mix of measures to achieve the goals with the optimal outcome, by facilitating the definition and prioritization of measures, by seeking and challenging new ideas, beyond core revenue streams and new business models. She is a great integrator of ideas, people, „melting“ industries and inspirer of digital and social components, first in the heads of change makers and than in the corporate (IT, organizational, business) systems.
She holds B.Sc. in macro and microeconomics and M.Sc in Information management.
She openly shares the experience with peers.
I‘m not an adviser… I work for a living! 