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Volker Schöffl

Volker Schöffl

Volker Schöffl, MD, PhD, MHBA, FAWM, is senior physician at the Department of Sports Medicine and Sports Orthopedics in Bamberg, Germany. He is adjunct professor of trauma and orthopedic surgery at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg and adjoint assistant professor of emergency medicine at the University of Colorado School of Medicine. He is also a visiting professor to the Leeds Becket University in the UK. His scientific focus is on climbing and ski mountaineering injuries and biomechanics of the hand. He is the team doctor for the German Climbing Team, the German Ski Mountaineering Team, the German Paraclimbing Team and a member of MedCom UIAA and IFSC. He serves as a consultant doctor to the Adidas Terrex International Outdoor team. His book “One Move Too Many” is the most valued book on climbing medicine, already available in five languages with Chinese and Japanese translations currently in progress.

Ludwig (Dicki) Korb

Dicki (Ludwig) Korb is a sport climbing and functional-fitness trainer, therapist and pedagogue. He has been climbing for 33 years and has gathered 18 years of expertise in climbing training with a variety of the best athletes in this sport. The world-renowned training book “Gimme Kraft” written together with Patrick Matros is a collection of climbing training expertise based on their various long-term activities as coaches. Dicki and Patrick both work providing training for all kinds of climbing related athletes all over the world. Dicki is part of the education team in the German climbing federation and consulting coach for the German Climbing Team.

Patrick Matros

Patrick Matros is a lecturer for sport and educational science as well as for various sports at the State Institute for Teachers Education in Bayreuth, Germany. He has a master’s degree in sport and educational sciences and is a certified sports therapist, certified athletic trainer and member of the International Rock Climbing Research Association (IRCRA). Patrick is the author of several specialist sport and education books and articles, including the worldwide bestseller “Gimme Kraft!”, co-authored with Dicki Korb. Together, they have trained athletes at the Federal Center of Sportclimbing in Nuremberg for several years and currently coach climbing team members of Adidas Terrex Outdoor.