Double Vision

“Book of the Month” April 2019


Andrée Roby

Double VisionDouble vision – A creative crime drama with an unusual twist

The death of a male escort can only be solved with the help of a psychic in Andree Roby’s “DOUBLE VISION”.

Vince earns his money as a male escort until he is found dead in a South London hotel room, his last job apparently having gone sour. All fingers point to Vince’s last client as the main suspect, but she is nowhere to be found; nobody even knows who she is or where to start looking. With the investigation grinding to a halt, the police must turn to a psychic for help. Can the clairyoyant find the murderer? What other secrets will Vince’s death reveal?

The fast paced and creative crime drama “DOUBLE VISION” by Andrée Roby tells an unusual storyline that appeals to both fans of murder stories and of psychic detectives. The plot is full of unexpected twists – a perfect escape for a couple of hours. Readers will find it hard to put the novel down until they have all the answers.

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