“Book of the Month” August 2019

One Day in December”

David Lewis, Len Friskney

One Day in December – Wilfred Owen, The Bombardment and Scarborough in the First World War

In “One Day in December” D.B. Lewis and Len Friskney describe the effects of First World War on a North Yorkshire seaside resort.

When people remember, they can learn and understand. According to the authors of this new book on a remarkable generation, understanding the past is the key to also understanding the present and looking to the future. The book introduces readers to the life of Wilfred Owen and what he and countless other combatants saw, felt and suffered during World War I. The authors link together various aspects of the First World War as they affected a North Yorkshire seaside resort. “One Day in December” covers ‘The Bombardment of Scarborough’ in December 1914, the war poetry of Wilfred Owen written during his time in the town, and the effects of the war on the local community. David Lewis’ and Len Friskney’s book also contains chapters on the production of a community theatre based on these topics. It is suitable for use by schools and youth groups as it combines learning about history with learning how to put on a theatre play.

The book “One Day in December” by Scarborough based author David Lewis  and Len Friskney, a local Wilfred Owen historian, is a fascinating look at this era of Scarborough’s history and a strong testimony for the cause of international concord. The book commemorates the message that Wilfred Owen was trying to impart to us through the poetry that had its origins in his time spent in Scarborough in 1917 and 1918. The authors hope that their book will inspire and entertain everyone who is looking for ideas, stimulation or a confirmation of their own feelings about the destructive nature of any war or any conflict, big or small. 

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