“Book of the Month” August 2020

“APHORISMS and Wood Engravings

Corinna Schroeder-von Frihling



APHORISMS – Unique combination of poetry and visual art

Colourful words and black & white pictures live side by side in Corinna Schroeder-von Frihling’s “APHORISMS” to create a special reading experience.

The author created her first book when she was only six years old and has held on to the love of writing ever since. The first edition of this book began as a long strip of poetic reflections that kept her company in her living room. Her poetry was often a response to the stress life threw at her, especially after the death of her husband. Her aphorisms derive from the German tradition of Gedankensplitter, a scattering of lyric thoughts or reflections. During the Coronavirus lockdown, the author wasn’t able to continue work on her other books (in the series “SKETCHES from sessions… by Walter Schroeder”, which also is published via tredition), but wanted to keep working. So she decided to re-work her book of twelve aphorisms to give readers an even better reading experience.

The wood engravings in “APHORISMS” by Corinna Schroeder-von Frihling are not illustrations for the aphorisms but rather accompany them, happily coexisting. The words carry their own colour and the author wanted the images to be in black and white to create an aesthetic balance. The exception is poem VIII, Blue Stones, which has its own colour illustration. The wood engravings are printed in their original size and were originally engraved on Blackthorn which was taken from the author’s own hedges. The first edition, of which there were only 30 copies, was inkjet printed on various Japanese papers, the soft cover on various Himalayan papers. For the author, the second edition is a chance to reach a bigger audience and make her work available for a reasonable price.

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