“Book of the Month” August 2021

The secret faces of her

Hanadi A. Luethi

The secret faces of her – Exciting novel about glimmers of hope, a mysterious woman and a distant island

Peace on a beautiful island threatens to come to an end in Hanadi A. Luethi’s novel “The secret faces of her”. Will the protagonist be able to prevent a tragedy?

The story of this new novel begins on a far away island where the protagonist was abandoned as a child. But this tough start to life did not stop him from growing up to be a most fortunate man with money, talent, status and good looks. He earned a place in people’s hearts, but as in many cases, looks can be deceiving.

Nobody knows what it really looks like in his soul or that he is struggling with painful questions about his past, has doubts about the present and constantly worries about the future. Adding to his well hidden misery are signs of a concealed threat which could not only end his own existence but also that of his loved ones. Peace on his island is coming to an end, it is just a matter of time before evil wins and he has no other way or choice to save the island. And then there is the help of the woman with the secret faces. It is said that she has the answers the man seeks and knows the secrets of everything – but she herself is a mystery, nobody knows her real identity.

Nevertheless, the protagonist of “The secret faces of her” by Hanadi A. Luethi decides to hang on to the glimmers of hope and accepts the challenge to discover the truth. Will he be able to find the answers he needs to save himself and the island? The author managed to create a story that will draw readers in right from the start. In her books, the author invites readers to experience some dilemmas in life and view them from a different perspective. She exposes hidden realities and lets readers experience life through someone else’s eyes. In her novels, readers often find themselves blaming the protagonist for bad things or sympathising with the villain. They may discover the good beyond the evil or the challenge that accompanies the good.

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