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In EUGENE VESEY’s newest book, the story of Frank Walsh continues.

In the novel “Ghosters”, readers were first introduced to the character of Frank Walsh. It was the story of how Frank lost his faith and left the seminary, his home and family. He went to London to forge a new identity. In the follow-up novel “Opposite Worlds”, Frank is still in London, but he is alone and lonely after Marina, his Yugoslav girlfriend, left him on what was supposed to be their wedding day. However, he is on the rebound and has a passionate affair with Kalli, a gorgeous Greek singer and belly-dancer. She also is a student in his class at the school in Soho where he teaches English to foreign students. But Kalli also leaves him. Frank once again finds himself alone. On a fateful evening, his luck is about to change: He visits a folk club in an Irish pub and hears a pretty young Irish girl singing. He instantly falls in love with her.

The name of the main love interest in “OPPOSITE WORLDS” by EUGENE VESEY is Mary. Frank does whatever he has to do to finally meet her and get a chance to talk to her. Fortunately, she also falls in love with him. Love leads to marriage but their marriage proves to be a collision of two very different, indeed opposite, worlds. Will their union survive or will the readers find that Frank is as alone at the end of the book as he was in the beginning? The literary love story will captivate readers until the very last page of this exciting story.

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