“Book of the Month” February 2021

What Makes the Middle East Tick

Wolfgang H. Reuther

What Makes the Middle East Tick – Surprising insights of a Diplomat

The information in Wolfgang H. Reuther’s newest book, “What Makes the Middle East Tick”, helps readers to look at the Middle East in a different way.

This book is based on authentic insights the author gained through his personal experience of living and working in the Middle East. The author invites readers to travel across the social fabric and mentalities that make the Middle East tick. He enriches his social analysis with illuminating anecdotes, presented in candid language, but without moralising or pushing a political agenda and always with a critical eye and wry humour. Preferring a historical perspective instead of the standard narrow focus on Islam, he emphasises the tribal foundations of Arab societies. The author hopes that his book can contribute to a better understanding of people from the Middle East and to a better anticipation, assessment and understanding of their behaviours, and any associated problems arising in Western societies.

The interesting and insightful book “What Makes the Middle East Tick” by Wolfgang H. Reuther is written in an academic, professional way but is not only aimed at academics. Somehow the author manages to write in this way without turning the book into something only university-educated people could understand. The book is accessible for any reader who has an interest in learning more about the Middle East to see whether any of the ideas he has about it and its people are actually true. The book was originally written for the German market, so readers might find some of the examples and statistics unusual in an English book. However, this also helps to gain an insight into certain parts of the German culture as well. The overwhelmingly positive feedback on the German edition has prompted the author to also publish this book in English to make it available to a wider public.

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