“Book of the Month” January 2018

“Change with passion

Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben

Change with passion – Insights into change management

Change with passion

Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben teach readers of their book “Change with passion” how to become more successful at project & change management.

Project management and change management play an important role in most successful businesses. However, change management can be challenging. A common mistake, for example, is to rely on consultants who end up costing the business a lot of money while the business nevertheless ends up doing most of the work. It makes more sense to train your own employees or yourself to effectively deal with projects and change management. Teaching you just how to do this is the aim of this book. Chapter by chapter, you will learn how to become a leader your employees will happily and eagerly follow.

Readers will notice the complex topic requires more than simply skimming “Change with passion” by Ervin Pfeifer and Suzana Leben. Change management is tough to master and requires much thought and effort. However, by applying the tools and knowledge provided by this accessible book, readers will quickly become more and more competent when it comes to scoring their own change and motivating the teams they lead.

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