Girl in a Wheelchair

“Book of the Month” January 2020

“Girl in a Wheelchair”

Erin Miller

Girl in a WheelchairGirl in a Wheelchair – Mystery-Thriller discovers disability and illness

Erin Miller sends her protagonist on an exciting journey of discovery while fighting against diseases that can’t be cured.
Zoe is only 35 years old, but feels like she is going on 80. Her energy levels are down, and she fears she might have a very early onset of Alzheimer’s – after all, it ran in the family and her beloved grandmother lost the fight against it, before she could keep her promise to teach Zoe how to use a special gift she seems to have inherited: the gift to see the future. When Zoe receives the diagnosis that she suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia, her life crashes down around her.  She feels as if she has lost everything, until her life begins to change after an encounter with a young, rich, but strangely troubled, Danish woman.

A relaxing holiday suddenly spirals Zoe into a series of increasingly frightening events, which keep the readers of “Girl in a Wheelchair” by Erin Miller on the edge of their seats. The protagonist’s fragile health and mental strength is tested to the limit. Underlying everything, Zoe’s inherited gift seems to become stronger and stronger. Will her visions of the future help her to make a difference, or will she have to find out that the future is already written, cannot be changed and that there is no such thing as free will? While entertaining readers, the novel also tries to show the effects CFS and  Fibromyalgia can have on an individual life.

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