“Book of the Month” July 2019


Gianna Schorno & Shezad Armaan


JANOO – A breathtaking love through countries and time

In their romantic and exciting novel “JANOO” Gianna Schorno and Shehzad Armaan tell a captivating story about a love between a Pakistani man and a Swiss woman – our “Book of the Month” US July 2019!

The story in Gianna Schorno’s and Shehzad Armaan’s novel is based on a true love story that spans many years and countries. It all begins in the year 1980, when readers first meet a 7 year old Pakistani boy named Shehryar, who is excited about the arrival of his new baby sister and dreaming of a future where he can write poems. The readers are also introduced to 10 year old Betty, who lives in Switzerland. She is feeling lonely and also dreams of a bright, exciting future. 20 years later, the paths of Betty and Shehryar cross for the first time. They fall in love immediately, and Betty leaves her current partner for Shehryar. Together, the couple from such different backgrounds travel to Switzerland, then to Asia, to eventually get married in Pakistan. However, their perfect romance ends when a terrorist attack takes place in the northern part of the country. Betty gets kidnapped and is taken to a remote place where she is held captive. When she can finally escape, she is unable to find Shehryar, who has disappeared without a trace.

Shehryar and Betty end up living in different countries. Only in 2012, fate wants them to meet again – while both are married to someone else. Due to changing circumstances their special love blossoms once more, but at what cost? The authors take their readers on an unforgettable journey through fascinating countries, where the protagonists experiences great adventures, but also a great love. Readers will enjoy a captivating love story that is unlike others. Gianna Schorno and Shehzad Armaan invite people to dream, to hope, and to forget their everyday worries for a few hours.

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