“Book of the Month” June 2017

“Four years in bed…”

Angie Barnes

FOUR YEARS IN BED...FOUR YEARS IN BED… – A memoir of a life with Rheumatoid Arthritis

Angie Barnes gives a moving and inspiring insight into her life with a condition that made her spend “FOUR YEARS IN BED…”

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease that can hit anyone but is seldom discussed.  For Angie Barnes, rheumatoid arthritis became a part of her life she had to learn to deal with. In her book “Four years in bed…” she educates readers about her condition and gives fellow sufferers hope and insight into available options regarding treatments, self-help, and surgery.

Angie Barnes details the horrors of becoming disabled, dependent on others for everything and her journey back to living an independent and joyous life. Her great sense of humor and gift for story telling are evident in every page of this deeply honest memoir. Whether you are looking to better understand rheumatoid arthritis or are affected yourself, the book is a  wonderful read that gives you both the knowledge and courage to deal with the condition.

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