“Book of the Month” March 2018

“Going It Alone”


Going It AloneGoing It Alone – Analysis of the history of Catholic schools in Scotland

WILLIAM JOSEPH MCKECHIN takes a look at an old school system in “Going It Alone”.

Catholic schools have been around in Scotland since the mid-19th century and have not lost much of their appeal by the late 20th century. Even now, you can find Catholic schools in Scotland. The system has seen some changes over time though. This year, in 2018, Scotland will celebrate the centenary of the 1918 Education Act. The act was responsible for the move which saw Catholic schools transfer from Diocesan control to state governance. Not all welcomed the impact this very important partnership between church and state had in the past. Some church members did not want to lose control. In this book, readers will find a detailed overview over the history of Catholic schools in Scotland, and which path they might take in the future. The book raises many questions as to the value of denominational school education which remain highly relevant to current debate on education.

The centenary of the 1918 Education Act makes “Going It Alone” by WILLIAM JOSEPH MCKECHIN a very relevant book for 2018. The attention of the public will be on issues surrounding education and many questions will be asked. This new book comes just in time to provide interested readers with possible answers to those questions. What the future will bring, nobody can really predict; considering issues like Brexit and a possible new Scottish independence vote, which both will have an effect on the education system and how it is managed in the long run. But the history will not change and of that, readers can learn a lot from this informative non-fiction book.

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