“Book of the Month” March 2019

“Great Aunts and Armadillos”


Great Aunts and ArmadillosGreat Aunts and Armadillos – Inspirational book offers a glimpse into dementia

B. LEWIS tells a story of “Great Aunts and Armadillos” in which all looking after a dementia sufferer learn that there is always hope.

With an ageing population, dementia becomes an increasingly common problem. More and more people seek advice on how to deal with this illness. “Great Aunts and Armadillos” is neither a self-help book nor a medical advice book, but the story of a family who looked after a much loved relative suffering from dementia. Author D. B. LEWIS tells the story of his eight year long experience. The book recounts the journey of a former ‘old-school’ nursing sister: from the time she was first observed to be acting ‘a little oddly’ to the time of her slow but dignified death in a North Yorkshire residential home. Readers not only get to know the family and their personal history, but also gain valuable insights into what it means to look after someone with dementia.

The book “Great Aunts and Armadillos” by D. B. LEWIS is a book of hope and inspiration for everyone careing for someone suffering from dementia. Rather than being a story of tragedy and despair, it is a family history interspersed with many glimpses of hope and humour and numerous practical tips on how to accomodate someone with this debilitating condition. The author himself is the nephew of the story’s main character. He wrote this moving and insightful book as a testimonial to a fascinating and eccentric individual and as a way of acknowledging all caregivers who so tirelessly devote their working lives to looking after other people’s loved ones.

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