“Book of the Month” March 2021


Andrew Holden

Courage – A series of short stories from the Great War

The stories in Andrew Holden’s collection “Courage” tell of courage, compassion, and self-sacrifice.

The Great War in Europe lasted from the 28th of July 1914 to the 11th of November 1918. Hundreds of thousands of men fought over land, which was taken by one side, only to be taken back by the other. This book contains a series of short stories from that time. They tell of courage, compassion, and self-sacrifice. In this book, readers find tales of the men of the Royal Navy, the airmen of the Royal Flying Corps, the soldiers fighting in the trenches on the front line, and the men and women of the Red Cross and other voluntary services who displayed supreme courage in the face of a hostile enemy.

The stories in this book are of individual deeds of heroism carried out on the battlefields. The readers are taken to the muddy trenches and blood-soaked fields of France and Belgium, to the North Sea and the vastness of the Atlantic Ocean, even to places deep beneath the waves.

The exciting collection “Courage” by Andrew Holden is dedicated to the men who fought in the trenches of the Great War, as well as to those who fought in the air, on the sea, and on the beaches and fields of Europe for a second time, a little over twenty years later, to free the continent from the grip of an evil dictator. It is an interesting, and often moving collection of stories that not only gives an insight into that period, but also reveals a lot about the soul of human beings and how far they would go to help others, even if it comes with the danger of losing their own life.

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