“Book of the Month” May 2017

“Changing times”

Ulla Fels and Bakary Sidibe

Changing times
Changing Times – A West African author tells his-story

Ulla Fels and Bakary Sidibe use the stories in “Changing Times” to help people understand the life of immigrants from African countries.

“The Times They Are A-Changin'”: Considering the many African refugees currently seeking asylum in our rich European countries and our lack of knowledge about their social background, Bakary Sidibe’s stories about his life and his explanations on Gambian society help us feel more connected with the newcomers and to understand them as people with their own history and values. A little bit of knowledge makes all the difference. Bakary Sidibe also shows us how the destabilising influence of the colonial rulers on the traditional social, economic and political structures of African societies still affects these peoples’ lives today. Their young men with no employment and no perspectives at home are now seeking their fortunes in Europe.

Some common misunderstandings between Europeans and newcomers can easily be avoided when both sides seek to learn more about the other. This book aims to tear down a few walls between different cultures and pave the way to a better understanding.

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