It Happened in the Mountains

„Book of the Month“ May 2020

It Happened in the Mountains”

Liz Elscott

It Happened in the MountainsIt Happened in the Mountains – An exciting new novel

Liz Elscott sends four women on a gripping journey of self-discovery.

Kathrin feels like she needs to get away from her normal life and persuades three of her friends to go on a hiking trip in the mountains of northern Spain. However, her three friends don´t know each other and things are not always easy between them while they go on a holiday that is a bit more adventurous than they imagined or wanted. Add in the fact that Kathrin is psychologically instable and cannot deal with stress, and you have a recipe for disaster. Then Kathrin goes missing.

The protagonist of “It Happened in the Mountains” by Liz Elscott is a woman with a number of problems, but also does not lack charm. Readers will soon start to care about what is happening to her and enjoy going on a special journey with her. They will follow her through an adventure that changes her outlook on life, and makes her learn more about herself. If you are stuck at home at the moment and would like to escape your own reality for a little while, this adventure in the Spanish mountains will be a good choice.

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