“Book of the Month” November 2019

“Care At The Core

Sherri Spelic

Care At The Core - "Book of the Month" November 2019Care At The Core – Conversational Essays on Identity, Education and Power

Sherri Spelic presents a true cross-section of her online writing in book form – tredition’s “Book of the Month” UK November 2019.

The new book “Care At The Core” by Sherri Spelic presents essays which explore the intersections and overlap of identity, education and power. The author draws on her own observations from a vibrant life of learning through reading, writing, listening and dialoging. She wants her readers to rethink the world we are building for ourselves and our children in schools, in our communities, in our societies. Each essay is thought provoking and touches topics that play an important role in every person’s life at one stage or the other. Readers are encouraged to take a good look at their own life and how the theme of her essays fits into it even though it sometimes might not be obvious right away.

The interesting book “Care At The Core” by Sherri Spelic is divided into sections which serve as very broad topic umbrellas: Identifying, Writing, Sharing, Observing Education and Everything Else with a couple of interludes in between. The author explains that the posts in each section appear, more or less chronologically, but that there is no requirement to read them in the order in which they appear. Readers should simply read what feels attractive to them at any given time. This book can be called an all-you-can-read buffet from which readers can take as much as they want, whenever they feel like being inspired.
Sherri Spelic grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, studied in Providence, RI and migrated to Vienna, Austria which has become her home after 30 years. As a physical educator, leadership coach, blogger and publisher she dedicates increasing amounts of time to observing and making sense of movement — in bodies, in relationships, in texts and in the atmosphere. Her personal blog edifiedlistener includes reflections on teaching, coaching and the world in general. 2016 marked the launch of her online publication “Identity, Education and Power” which features writings from various authors offering insights on the intersections of those three themes.
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