“Book of the Month” November 2020

From the Body to the Overself

Dewar Adair

From the Body to the Overself – A path beyond the mainstream of hatha yoga

In his newest book “From the Body to the Overself”, Dewar Adair takes his readers on a journey away from the body and towards the so-called Overself.

Yoga has become very popular in the West in recent decades. By now, there are hundreds of books on the topic (in addition to the countless yogic scriptures written by yogis and their students over the centuries). Readers who are interested in learning more about the basics or the philosophical background usually have no problem finding a good book. So why another book about yoga? Because this one takes a different path: a path that diverges from the mainstream and introduces readers to a different type of yoga. The author wrote this book as a guide for his students and other readers who long for new perspectives beyond the hatha yoga mainstream. Apart from a few exceptions, he has not included any instructions on asanas or on pranayama techniques, as these can easily be found in other books.

The book “From the Body to the Overself” by Dewar Adair is meant to give practitioners of hatha yoga a helpful orientation in their daily yoga practice and in reading the spiritual scriptures, whether they come from the Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan traditions or from the West. The idea for this book was born out of the author’s own practice and from his many years of experience as a hatha yoga teacher and his my earlier years as a teacher of Aikido. While many of the ideas that are presented in this book are not new, they have not been put together in a book like this before to give readers a chance to see them in relation to their daily practice, both on the mat and in everyday life.

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