“Book of the Month” October 2017

Nothing Matches – But It’s Home

Anthony J. M. Brady

Nothing Matches - But It’s HomeNothing Matches – But It’s Home” – About life and work with London’s homeless

In Anthony J. M. Brady’s “Nothing Matches – But It’s Home”, the door to a life-changing career opens.

In the first three volumes of the autobiographical series “Scenes From An Examined Life”, the readers learned how the author grew from a baby placed in the care of Religious Sisters to a young man who easily acquired many farming skills and ended up managing up to 500 pigs. But then, he needed to adjust his life once more and transform into someone capable of working with some of the most vulnerable people in society. In volume four of the series, the author describes his work with London’s homeless and how he was delegated to deal with their requests.

In “Nothing Matches – But It’s Home” by Anthony J. M. Brady, the author has fully taken the responsibility for his own life – and the lives of others. In working with London’s poorest, the author encounters controversy on the questions charity poses: vis-à-vis demands for social justice and the need for new practical solutions on age old problems. Does charity reinforce dependence? Does it benefit the giver more than those who receive what was given? How can one really help? This book challenges opinions that imply forms of charity that arguably bless they who give – not those who take. Is it all ultimately, tasks unfinished – dreams denied?

This insightful book is more than just an autobiography; it is also an honest look at our society.

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