An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

“Book of the Month” October 2019

“An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

Andrew Gilbrook

"Book of the Month" October 2019 - An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy

An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy – How to start, be smart and end your career in MI6

A real spy, Andrew Gilbrook, shares his exciting life story in his autobiography “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” – a story based on real events is tredition’s “Book of the Month” UK October 2019!

Most people only know spies from books, movies and TV series. But how close to reality are these fictional spies? Andrew Gilbrook’s autobiography “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” will reveal the answer as it tells the story of a real spy who used to be in service for Her Majesty’s Government.
Only a small number of people is considered smart enough to be selected and trained as a spy. Andrew Gilbrook was chosen at the age of 16 – the only person to pass the selection without an education through the university system. In his fascinating book, Gilbrook describes his unbelievable life from his childhood until the end of his career. The job as a spy caused him to suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, after facing interrogation, torture and being put in front of a firing squad in war-torn Angola.

The decision to write “An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy” was made by Andrew Gilbrook in 2012, when he was informed his ex-MI6 secretary had died from cancer. The author himself was close to breaking down mentally and realized that opening up about his secret life to his friends and family was the only way to save his own sanity. His autobiography is carefully written to avoid revealing any government secrets. This is his personal story: thrilling, surprising and an eye-opener into the life of a real spy.

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