“Book of the Month” October 2020

An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify

Andrew Gilbrook

An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify – Exciting story based on real events

In his second book “An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify”, Andrew Gilbrook describes a mission that could have stopped the Falklands War with Argentina.

In the first book of this author, readers were introduced to a man who was thought smart enough to be selected and trained as a spy for Her Majesty’s Government. Only few people manage to get through this process. But Andrew Gilbrook was one of the few. His path is unique, as he was chosen at the age of 16, and up to this day still is the only person to pass selection without an education through the university system.

In his second book, he describes one short operation that could have stopped the Falklands War with Argentina. SAS were in position, only the final go-ahead was needed from Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. She chose to fight the war. Perhaps if the PM had decided to give Operation Saponify a chance, 907 soldiers’ lives would have been spared. The operation was born from a personal project over many years to find escaped WWII Nazis, using highly classified documents, only available to those inside the Service and information supplied by the CIA. Would the author find the top Nazi?

The exciting book “An Ordinary Guy, Operation Saponify” by Andrew Gilbrook is based on real events. However, some events have been enhanced to improve the dramatic effect to make the book even more enjoyable to read. Many names were changed for the security of the individual and in some cases to save them from being embarrassed. Like the author’s first book (“An Ordinary Guy, An Unknown Spy”, also available via tredition), readers will once again dive deep into the life of an interesting man who has seen things only very few other people have seen. His story is an interesting insight into a part of world history.

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