“Book of the Month” October 2021

“Glossary for occasionally snarky managers”

Gilles Roux

Glossary for occasionally snarky managers – 240+ terms, quotes and recommendations to survive the business jungle

Gilles Roux combines business knowledge with a touch of sarcasm to help readers of “Glossary for occasionally snarky managers” with their daily life as a manager.

Managers play a vital role in a business, but can sometimes feel a little overwhelmed in their position, especially if they are new to the job and haven’t had time to familiarize themselves with the terms needed for the job. In this new book, author Gilles Roux pulls from his extensive global business experience and presents a collection of business vocabulary and definitions designed for corporate employees at every level. Blending his business knowledge and expertise with a touch of sarcasm, Mr. Roux provides a glossary/reference tool that is an inviting read for those wanting to expand their business language. Readers will get an overview of important business terms from A (accounting, attrition rates) to Z (Zombie, believe it or not).

The non-fiction book “Glossary for occasionally snarky managers” by Gilles Roux is a great read for managers who sometimes feel as if they lack the right words for various situations. Gilles Roux is a French citizen who studied law in France and Germany. For more than 20 years, he was the tax director of large, listed companies in Europe. Since 2016, he has been running his own consultancy firm, which acts for medium and large companies throughout Europe and Asia. His blog, where he offers advice on communication and personnel management, is followed by several hundred people in Europe. With his snarky manager’s glossary, he gives readers the key to communication using the right words in the right situation.

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