“Book of the Month” September 2017

“Veritas Years”

John Ruth

The Veritas Years“The Veritas Years” – The story of an Irish boy in England

John Ruth’s own life story, “The Veritas Years”, illustrates some of the double standards of societies, past and present.

In the 1950’s the world was a different place, but people were more or less the same. John Ruth moved to England from Ireland in the late 1950’s to find himself in a society filled with double standards (some of which are still alive and well in the present). As a boy, he knew little about the challenging time that lay ahead of him and his family. He was enrolled at a strict Dominican Roman Catholic boarding school at Ponsbourne Park in the remote Hertfordshire countryside. He soon discovered that this place was as cruel, oppressive and mysterious as any five year old child could imagine – and five year old kids can imagine a lot. The young boy found himself without his family to protect him against the cruel nuns taking care of the children.

The first part of “The Veritas Years” by John Ruth covers the author’s experiences from early childhood to puberty. It is a time filled with constantly shifting societal values. It also is a story about living in a world after the war. The author’s moving story gives readers an authentic insight into the world of post war England and how it was perceived by a young Irish immigrant who had the bad luck of ending up in the wrong kind of school. Readers will be intriegued how different school was in the 1960s, but they will also recognize some of the double standards – because some things never change.

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