“Book of the Month” September 2019

“The Adventures of Pepi & Bob

Anthony T. Morse

The Adventures of Pepi & Bob – a Charming Children’s Adventure Story

In Anthony T. Morse’s “The Adventures of Pepi & Bob”children follow a charming poodle on an adventurous mission.

Pepi is a lovable, cute poodle who lives with his owners, Lady T-at-5 and Lord T-at-5. Pepi would rather be like his master, who travels all over the world, than play dress-up with his master’s wife. One day, Pepi gets the chance to make his dream come true! During his exciting adventure, the little poodle discovers a whole new world of sausages and talking statues. But he also discovers a message in a bottle that starts a special adventure which would end with Pepi making a new friend: Bob!

The children’s story “The Adventures of Pepi & Bob” by Anthony T. Morse takes a few amazing turns. Children will enjoy following the charming potagonist on its way, and cheer him on when he comes across a variety of child-friendly, but exciting challenges. The book is suitable for children who have just started their own adventure called “reading”, but it can also be enjoyed together with an adult reading the story aloud. While Pepi’s story is fun and exciting, it is not too exciting to keep kids from sleeping, so it can also be read as a delightful bedtime story.

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