“Book of the Month” September 2021

“Do All Sailors Lie?”

P.E. Din

Do All Sailors Lie? – A Cornish Holiday Romance Novel with a bit of Mystery

P.E. Din pulls readers of “Do All Sailors Lie?” into a seemingly charming world full of troubled characters and strange occurances.

Maeve is on a much-anticipated family holiday to a small sleepy fishing village in Cornwall, UK. She is drawn into a series of mysterious events and discovers things are not always what they seem. She meets a young and troubled trawlerman and these two enigmas are drawn together. Can they avert a tragedy and solve a bigger riddle? Are they able to stop the carousel from turning? Or will they lose the fight because some carousels simply can’t be stopped once the movement starts and everything takes its turn?

“Do All Sailors Lie?” by P.E. Din is the kind of story, in which characters may miss more than they think when they close their eyes – but if they keep them open, they might end up seeing more than they can bear. Sometimes, knowledge can be a burden that is hard to bear. Will Maeve be strong enough?

The novel “Do All Sailors Lie?” by P.E. Din is on one hand a wonderful holiday novel, but at the same time, it’s also a mystery novel which makes readers turn page after page to find answers to their questions. They are pulled into a world full of charming, white-washed cottages at the coast, boats, and a village with narrow streets – but also a world full of troubled characters and mysterious events.

P.E. Din is a young writer whose passion for writing started at a young age. She is half English, half Hungarian and spent her early years in England before moving to Switzerland. Her love for Cornwall came from family holidays spent by the sea and on the doorstep of Daphne du Maurier’s country. Her happiest place is by the ocean with a pen and a notebook. Many of her own observations were used for descriptions in this novel which makes the content feel authentic and alive.

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